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We have several ways you could donate:

Sources of Donations

The Bytown Fire Brigade will accept donations from the following entities:

  1. any individual person or group of persons,

  2. any community organization, whether fire-related or not,

  3. any business or corporation, whether fire-related or not,

  4. any other CRA registered charity,

  5. any special purpose foundation or institute.

Monetary Donations can have a set purpose

A monetary donation can be unrestricted for deposit in the Brigade’s general operating fund, however

  1. a monetary donation can be earmarked by a donor for a specific project, for example, a specific truck restoration, or an enhancement to the Brigade’s Museum facilities,

  2. a monetary donation can be earmarked by a donor for a specific Bytown Team,

    1. for example, purchasing specialized equipment for the Artifacts and Archives Team, or

    2. for example, purchasing tools for the Preventative Maintenance Team or the Mechanical Services Team,

  3. Do find a way to let the treasurer know the details of your donation.

The Brigade receives Monetary Donations in a number of ways:

  1. by eTransfers addressed to  

    1.  eTransfers are the most common way that donations are received. 

    2. eTransfers are the preferred method by the Brigade because it reduces work times expended by the unpaid volunteers, 

    3. eTransfer Security Question: You can email the answer to the security question to in a separate email. (Click on donate to generate the email).

  2. by cash or by cheque, in-person, if the office is open, and in-person at meetings

  3. by cheque, via postal mail, addressed to:

  • The Treasurer,     

            Bytown Fire Brigade

            Unit 1, 2880 Sheffield Road,

            Ottawa, Ontario, K1B 1A4

*** Please read the following before making a monetary donation.

Monetary Donations:  WITHOUT a CRA TAX RECEIPT

The Brigade is a CRA Registered Charity and is authorized to issue Income Tax Receipts to all monetary donors,

  1. Some Donors do not wish to receive a Tax Receipt,

  2. Unless there is a request for a Tax Receipt that accompanies a monetary donation, the Brigade assumes that a Tax Receipt is not to be issued.

Monetary Donations:  WITH a CRA TAX RECEIPT

The Brigade is a CRA Registered Charity and is authorized to issue Income Tax Receipts to all monetary donors.

  1. The Income Tax Receipts are issued by the Brigade to eligible Donors each February.

  2. Do find a way to let the treasurer know that a CRA Tax receipt is expected, and

    1. Include a personal email address that the CRA receipt can be emailed to by the Brigade in February of the following year, and

    2. Include a phone number in case there is an issuing problem and we need to talk to you, and 

    3. Include the same postal-address that shows on your CRA Income Tax forms as that should be printed on every CRA Tax Receipt issued by the Brigade.

Non-Monetary Donations of Firefighting Artifacts or other Historical Material

There are opportunities for the issuance of Income Tax Receipts for some donated ‘non-monetary items’.  

  1. However, this can only occur after a CRA recognized rigorous evaluation process has taken place

  2. The Brigade non-monetary donation information contact is David McEvoy, Team Lead, Artifacts and Archive Team, reachable at 

  3. The decision-maker of the evaluation presented in support of a non-monetary donation  is the Treasurer

  4. Donors looking to receive CRA Tax Receipts for non-monetary donations should really reference the extensive chapter-length information on the CRA Website: and search for “What types of gifts qualify for charitable tax credits?”

Donations Toward Membership in the Bytown Fire Brigade

Donations of $1,000.00 or more in any Tax Year will result in automatic membership in the Bytown Fire Brigade for one year.

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