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Become a Member

If you are interested in joining the Bytown Fire Brigade please fill out the form below and look out for an email from us with confirmation. 

Choose below by selecting "Option 1" or "Option 2"

Option 1: I want to be a Friends of the Brigade Member, receive Bytown Fire Brigade information by email, and if interested, support Bytown Fire Brigade special events and fundraising functions.

Option 2: I would like to be a working volunteer for one or more of the Bytown Fire Brigade’s Teams that involve the museum, public displays, fundraising, restoration, maintenance, and others.

Choose Your Selection Here:

Agreement to Receive Notices Electronically (Emails. etc.)

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and Province of Ontario legislation relating to privacy concerns require your consent to receive electronic information from the Bytown Fire Brigade.
The same requirement exists in reverse: 

1. ‘Electronic notices’ for Bytown purposes include weekly broadcasts, notices of meetings, notices of events, and notices of other activities including fundraisers and Brigade projects.

2. The Bytown Fire Brigade Board has agreed by past motion to receive electronic messages from any member.

3. By acknowledging the below, I agree to receive electronic messages from the
Bytown Fire Brigade at the email address provided above in this membership application.

4. I understand I have the following future options:

a. At any time, I can send an updated email address to for the Bytown Fire Brigade to use in sending electronic messages to me.
b. I can unsubscribe from any-and-all electronic notices from The Bytown Fire Brigade by writing an email to, at any time.

5. With this application, I acknowledge and accept this Agreement to Receive Notices Electronically.

Signature - Print your name

* You will receive an income tax receipt for the cost of your membership.
* The cost for a one year of membership in the Bytown Fire Brigade is $25.00 CAD payable by e-transfer to . If an e-transfer is not possible, then by cheque to the Treasurer of the Bytown Fire Brigade at the address located at:

Bytown Fire Brigade

2880 Sheffield Road, Unit 1

Ottawa, ON

K1B 1A4

 Or Cash.
*The Bytown Fire Brigade term of membership is from 01 October of one year to 30 September of the next year. Your membership contact at Bytown Fire Brigade is the Secretary at . The Brigade Membership Secretary <> will contact you by email once the application is received.

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